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August 19, 2007 at 8:12 pm (Newark LUG)

It would appear that through illness, grievances, projects and sheer lack of time I have neglected to properly mention Newark LUG here. Some may know that I come from a village near the town of Newark. For a long time now, various people – the most notable being Craig Lynch – have made clear a desire for Newark to have an offical LUG. However, this kept getting put off, because most of us knew of very few Linux users within the area, and with us all generally busy with our own little projects – it kept getting delayed.

Finally, I decided that if Newark was going to have a LUG, I wanted to design the website for it. Website design is something that I enjoy, it is both an exercise in artistic and technical ability. Thus, is my domain. After talking with Craig about this, I set about creating a website. Several months passed – this lack of time is becoming a recurring theme here – and many revisions of it later, I had a half finished design that I was happy to put up. Now, it was time to get the thing online. So, Craig – who’d been the driving and original force behind having a LUG for Newark, and myself – the webdeisgner talked about this and agreed that for the time being, I may as well set things up and get them running.

Anyhow, now Newark LUG is an offical UK LUG, with a mailing list, website and wiki. We’re aiming to hold our first social meet sometime soon, and I’m planning on making a few changes the website. Such as the members page – adding a planetplanet blog aggregator to it, and also making the events page more useful to people.

Before I end this, I would like to thank Craig Lynch for being the main guy behind it all. He started off with the idea and encouraged me throughout all what I’ve done for the LUG, as well as insisting that I didn’t put it above my school work and other commitments.

Chris Hayes / cbhworld


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