LugRadio Live 2008

July 25, 2008 at 1:34 pm (lugradio live)

I’m making an effort to write this before next year’s LugRadio Live is upon us.

If you’ve read my last post, you’ll know that this year’s LugRadio Live was slightly different from my perspective, as I was exhibiting there. My exhibition – the “Collaborative Art Thingy” – began with a large piece of paper on which people were free to use a broad selection of art materials to do as they wished with. The idea behind this was that the artwork would be produced in a way similar to how software is produced in the FLOSS community, although generally the people doing that are good at what they do, instead this was mostly just for fun. As the event progressed we switched from having no rules, to setting an actual theme for each piece, beginning with Cillian’s suggestion of XKCD – and eventually landing at LugRadio presenters at the end of Sunday.

As for what happened to these wonderful/intriguing pieces of art, most were given out at the end of Sunday, and I do have photos of each piece, aside from the XKCD theme, as Cillian wanted this and had to leave early. Anyhow, once I get hold of a photo of that one I will upload them all and link to them in a future blog post.

Before moving off this topic, I would like to thank all who contributed during the weekend for spending the time to be part of this exhibit. I really appreciate what everyone did, down to the very smallest contribution. Finally, I’d especially like to thank the Linux Outlaws guys as they seemed to frequent my stall most often, and one of those dudes started off the first piece on Saturday morning (as nobody had wanted to touch it for fair amount of time to begin with).

Now, in addition to this experiment of sorts, we (I say ‘we’ because a friend I had invited along – who we will refer to as Tom, seeing as that’s his name) ended up being asked to do several “arty” things during the event. These comprised of an applause sign, the defacing of the O’Reilly book stand – which you can find on digg, and a “Furries For Justice” sign which was used as part of a joke during Neuro’s Second Life talk, you can find a picture and commentary of this on Barbie’s blog. All of this was great fun and we both enjoyed having the chance to help out in such a cool way. Indeed, that was probably my favourite part of the weekend.

As for the rest of the event, although I was kept fairly busy and didn’t manage to see many talks, I did catch most of Dottwaffle’s demo scene talk and thoroughly enjoyed it. And it was nice to see all the other exhibits too, the 64 Studio one was very compelling and once I find a little spare time I will be taking a look into that project. It was also really great to see the OpenStreetMap project there in the flesh. Other exhibits that caught my eye included the awesome Bytemark gaming server rig, the legion of SuSE chameleons, and the nice guy from Ubuntu UK – who’s stall was next to mine (in fact, my stall was inside a Debian/Ubuntu sandwich – yum, yum) – who happened to give me an Ubuntu Guru tee shirt. Very nice.

Finally, another big highlight (for me) of LugRadio Live this year was BEING the Chinny Raccoon during the live recording on Saturday. Being such a devoted fan of the aforementioned raccoon, I believe this to be one of the greatest moments of my life. And besides, who hasn’t always dreamed of being inside a fursuit mascot costume?

So that was my take on LugRadio Live 2008, and just like last year, I am already looking forward to next year’s.

Chris Hayes

Finally – I have one sheet of A1 left and I’m not certain what to do with it…


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Exhibiting at LugRadio Live This Year

July 18, 2008 at 7:41 pm (lugradio, lugradio live, open source)

I should imagine that most you guys reading this know about LugRadio Live. For those who don’t (I’m looking at you Sam), go check out the website. Just like the last two years, you’ll find me amongst the mass of beards, long hair and O’Reilly books. However – unlike the last two years – all attending will have the opportunity to contribute towards a colaberative artwork, this is where I get involved.

Indeed, I shall be hosting an exhibition during the weekend long event where anyone can walk up, grab a pen, pencil, pastel, paintbrush, prittstick or many other wonderful things begining with ‘p’, and apply them to a large piece of paper. The aim being to create at least one piece of art produced in a (vaguely) similar fashion to how Open Source software is produced. Seemed like a fun, and reasonably apt idea – and the handsomely large gents over at LugRadio towers appear to have agreed.

The idea behind this originated while I was studying art a sixth form, as for one of the modules I did I could choose anything so long as it could be connected to the subject of “freedom”, I believe – something like that… So I chose FOSS, somewhere near the end of the course I remember talking to a friend about how great it would be to produce a piece of artwork in a similar fashion to the collaberative way that FOSS software is developed. Unfortunately, it was too far into the year to actually arrange that. However the idea stuck with me all this time – gently simering in the depths of my brain, like some kind of exqusite stew – and finally I decided to mentioned to the LugRadio guys earlier this year. The idea, not the awful stew analogy.

Anyhow, as much as it pains me to admit, I am only one of many great reasons why you need to attend LugRadio Live UK this year. In addition to the swarths of great speakers at the event – there will also be parties held each night starting on Friday. In addition to this you get to meet loads of great people also exhibiting at the event, talk to people about stuff you’re interested in during BoF sessions, see some poor guy in a thong banging on a gong, and – most importantly – shed a tear while whitnessing the very last LugRadio Live live LugRadio.

As it happens, I’m going away to make some final preperations for the exhibit (or rather, eat some tortilla chips and then go do something useful like that). Incidentally, for those who don’t know, I’m a big fan of LugRadio and it does feel a little strange that I’m exhibiting at the finale of this cherished thing. Although, at the same time I’m very excited about what might come out of this exhibition.

Don’t forget to pop round my table and draw/paint/pen/verb something if you are attending!

Chris Hayes

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LugRadio Live 2007

August 13, 2007 at 10:49 am (lugradio, lugradio live)

This blog entry¬† entry will be updated to include photos as soon as I get around to it… But, for now – enjoy;

Indeed, it was that time of the year again – the greatest event of the entire entirety of the year. LugRadio Live.

Well, the 7th of July started with me running like a maniac across the countryside holding a partially wet oil painting at about half-past 7 in the morning. Thankfully the wet Chinny Raccoon painting made its way – unsmudged – all the way from Nottinghamshire to Wolverhampton, across 3 train routes and one pretty packed train. Annoyingly, after getting to the event it got slightly smudged about 10 minutes after I put it down, so I had to try to smudge it back to normal with my fingers as best I could :p

It was great, meeting people I’d only known on irc or the forums – MrBen, Neuro, Dave2, Xalior, DotWaffle, Tig – as well as meeting cool people I don’t think I’d ever known before anywhere, which is cool. Chating with Teg Hager, that was interesting. Having my oil painting of the Chinny Raccoon admired by the LugRadio team – it was absolutely awesome! And as for the painting – when Jono came up to me at first to comment on it, I said that if he thought it was any good they could give it away as a prize or something. And strangely enough, it was given away as one of 3 prizes to mrben who’d won the community hero award again, I say strangely because me and mrben had been working on the creation of his – I’ve been helping out with the graphics and webdesign stuff, it certainly felt like the painting hadn’t drifted too far away from me and that it was in safe hands.

But back to the original point – it really was great to put faces to these people I’d known for the last year online. That was probably the best thing about this years LRL for me – last year when I was at LRL I didn’t even know what LugRadio was, a friend called me a week before the event and asked if I wanted to go, I said yes and it was pretty cool – even at that point I looked forward to the next one. After that I started listening to LugRadio and became a pretty hardcore fan of their show – and during that time I made to almost complete switch to using Linux. Those are the reasons why I enjoyed it more this year – I didn’t feel like a fish out of water, I felt more like I was part of it.

While at this years LRL, I ensured that I picked up a large amount of free stash, Ubuntu CDs, t-shirts, lanyards, baseball caps, keyrings, badges, stickers, pens, pencils, drinks mats, and other bits and pieces. Anyway, what I meant to say was, I’ve acquired a fairly reasonable amount of Ubuntu and SuSE CDs – these, and a lot of my other stash, I’ll be giving away at Newark LUG events – unfortunately Craig wasn’t able to attend LRL this year, hopefully he’ll be able to make it next year as I’m sure he would have enjoyed it tons.

It was a little disappointing that I wasn’t able to stay for the Sunday night post-event LugRadio Live drinkies and chatter – but I guess that’ll be something to make next years LRL even more worth looking forward to. And talking about hashlugradio (as the Sunday night is the #lugradio meet up) – the hashlugradio BoF was fantastic, I really found that to be one of the most highlit of the highlights. And the gong-a-thong, that was pretty good even without the hilarious Adam Sweet oiled up and on stage in a thong – he just made the difference, turning it into something that I doubt I’ll ever be able to forget.

Gah – I must admit, it doesn’t feel like I’m doing this event justice with what little I can say about it. It was friggin awesome – it is the kind of event where before hand, there are so many cool things going on – you just can’t decide what you want to go and see! Anyone even remotely interested really ought to try and make it to LRL next year, if you can – it really will rock, that I’m sure of.

Finally, I now own a very lovely little GP2X handheld games console – and over the next few months I hope to start developing some simple games for it in SDL during my spare time. But I’ll save this for a new post.Chris Hayes / cbhworld

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Last minute raccoons…

July 24, 2007 at 7:47 am (lugradio, lugradio live)

As you may know, I intended to create a piece of art that encompassed the ethic and motivations behind the Open Source / Free Software community. This piece of art would both form the final piece of my A2 level art exam – and be a scrumptious exhibit for the Geek Art Exhibition at the recently passed LugRadio Live 2007. Unfortunately the deadline for the A2 exam work was too close, so instead I provided a mediocre picture for that, and decided to still do the fantastic design of symbolism and abstracted concepts for the LugRadio Live event.

Unfortunately there wasn’t really enough time to do this either, as it is such a difficult thing to do I feel – so instead, it was time to go with what you know – so I decided to do a picture of the Chinny Raccoon. However! At the time when I needed to bring the finished background of it back home from school and complete the darn thing – about a week before LugRadio Live, I came down with some horrible infection, two in fact – and was unable to do this. But! Two days before LugRadio Live I was feeling a fair bit better and saw the doctor whom said that is wasn’t contagious and that I’d be fine to go to the event! Straight after this I picked up the oil painting. Unfortunately there was no time to work on it that day – and besides, I had to work out where I was staying for the Saturday night! Now – unfortunately – all the hotels seemed booked, but thankfully my uncle was able to put me up for the night – even on such short notice.

Right, so I’ve now sorted out everything except for… The painting. Right, so then – the following day – I had about 4 hours spare to do the Chinny Raccoon’s stylised head upon the background. Worse than that was that this meant there was no chance of letting the paint dry so that I could build it up and do decent coats of paint – upon dried layers – like the background was created from. Of course – me and my father did attempt to try and dry the paint using a fan and then a strong hot lightbulb – and finally a hairdryer. However all this was in vain.

But thankfully, something half decent was done before LugRadio Live – now the only issue is… how to keep the wet oil painting from getting smudged on the journey from Notttinghamshire to Wolverhampton… Hmm, I’ll cover how well this went in my post about LugRadio live itself.

Chris Hayes / cbhworld

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