LugRadio Live 2008

July 25, 2008 at 1:34 pm (lugradio live)

I’m making an effort to write this before next year’s LugRadio Live is upon us.

If you’ve read my last post, you’ll know that this year’s LugRadio Live was slightly different from my perspective, as I was exhibiting there. My exhibition – the “Collaborative Art Thingy” – began with a large piece of paper on which people were free to use a broad selection of art materials to do as they wished with. The idea behind this was that the artwork would be produced in a way similar to how software is produced in the FLOSS community, although generally the people doing that are good at what they do, instead this was mostly just for fun. As the event progressed we switched from having no rules, to setting an actual theme for each piece, beginning with Cillian’s suggestion of XKCD – and eventually landing at LugRadio presenters at the end of Sunday.

As for what happened to these wonderful/intriguing pieces of art, most were given out at the end of Sunday, and I do have photos of each piece, aside from the XKCD theme, as Cillian wanted this and had to leave early. Anyhow, once I get hold of a photo of that one I will upload them all and link to them in a future blog post.

Before moving off this topic, I would like to thank all who contributed during the weekend for spending the time to be part of this exhibit. I really appreciate what everyone did, down to the very smallest contribution. Finally, I’d especially like to thank the Linux Outlaws guys as they seemed to frequent my stall most often, and one of those dudes started off the first piece on Saturday morning (as nobody had wanted to touch it for fair amount of time to begin with).

Now, in addition to this experiment of sorts, we (I say ‘we’ because a friend I had invited along – who we will refer to as Tom, seeing as that’s his name) ended up being asked to do several “arty” things during the event. These comprised of an applause sign, the defacing of the O’Reilly book stand – which you can find on digg, and a “Furries For Justice” sign which was used as part of a joke during Neuro’s Second Life talk, you can find a picture and commentary of this on Barbie’s blog. All of this was great fun and we both enjoyed having the chance to help out in such a cool way. Indeed, that was probably my favourite part of the weekend.

As for the rest of the event, although I was kept fairly busy and didn’t manage to see many talks, I did catch most of Dottwaffle’s demo scene talk and thoroughly enjoyed it. And it was nice to see all the other exhibits too, the 64 Studio one was very compelling and once I find a little spare time I will be taking a look into that project. It was also really great to see the OpenStreetMap project there in the flesh. Other exhibits that caught my eye included the awesome Bytemark gaming server rig, the legion of SuSE chameleons, and the nice guy from Ubuntu UK – who’s stall was next to mine (in fact, my stall was inside a Debian/Ubuntu sandwich – yum, yum) – who happened to give me an Ubuntu Guru tee shirt. Very nice.

Finally, another big highlight (for me) of LugRadio Live this year was BEING the Chinny Raccoon during the live recording on Saturday. Being such a devoted fan of the aforementioned raccoon, I believe this to be one of the greatest moments of my life. And besides, who hasn’t always dreamed of being inside a fursuit mascot costume?

So that was my take on LugRadio Live 2008, and just like last year, I am already looking forward to next year’s.

Chris Hayes

Finally – I have one sheet of A1 left and I’m not certain what to do with it…


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  1. Darth Orange said,

    Yay, you called them chameleons, and not geckos. Anyone who mistakes a chameleon for a gecko is automatically and irreparably not my friend. It’s nothing personal, it’s just a law of nature and physics.

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