August 20, 2007 at 6:01 am (Uncategorized)

At some point I was wanting to say something about – so now I shall. Linkpot is Ben Thorp’s simply ingenious, and ingeniously simple replacement for tinyurl. Both of these tools aim to make urls, especially long urls, easier to communicate. However, while tinyurl lends itself to being written down in small spaces, with it’s collection of random numbers and letters – for example, Linkpot, is instead deigned to make it easier to say difficult urls, so instead of using numbers and letters, Linkpot instead uses words, creating urls such as, Some of you might be wondering where exactly I come into this. Well, I created the website and graphics for Linkpot, and currently I’m working on some banners which will hopefully be released soon.

It’s been nice to see quite a few people using Linkpot, although that might just be because I find myself around Linkpot users. It was also nice to find this article about it on the O’Reilly GMT, with the Linkpot pot graphic I designed in Inkscape featuring there.

It’d be interesting to see whether in a year a lot more podcasts are using Linkpot rather than tinyurl – and whether it just generally catches on. Regardless of that, though – it’s a useful tool that people ought to be aware of.

Chris Hayes / cbhworld


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The Story of Newark LUG…

August 19, 2007 at 8:12 pm (Newark LUG)

It would appear that through illness, grievances, projects and sheer lack of time I have neglected to properly mention Newark LUG here. Some may know that I come from a village near the town of Newark. For a long time now, various people – the most notable being Craig Lynch – have made clear a desire for Newark to have an offical LUG. However, this kept getting put off, because most of us knew of very few Linux users within the area, and with us all generally busy with our own little projects – it kept getting delayed.

Finally, I decided that if Newark was going to have a LUG, I wanted to design the website for it. Website design is something that I enjoy, it is both an exercise in artistic and technical ability. Thus, is my domain. After talking with Craig about this, I set about creating a website. Several months passed – this lack of time is becoming a recurring theme here – and many revisions of it later, I had a half finished design that I was happy to put up. Now, it was time to get the thing online. So, Craig – who’d been the driving and original force behind having a LUG for Newark, and myself – the webdeisgner talked about this and agreed that for the time being, I may as well set things up and get them running.

Anyhow, now Newark LUG is an offical UK LUG, with a mailing list, website and wiki. We’re aiming to hold our first social meet sometime soon, and I’m planning on making a few changes the website. Such as the members page – adding a planetplanet blog aggregator to it, and also making the events page more useful to people.

Before I end this, I would like to thank Craig Lynch for being the main guy behind it all. He started off with the idea and encouraged me throughout all what I’ve done for the LUG, as well as insisting that I didn’t put it above my school work and other commitments.

Chris Hayes / cbhworld

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A level results!

August 16, 2007 at 7:49 pm (personal)

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to pick my results up from school. However, I was informed over the miracle that goes by the name of telephone as to my grades. And to my astonishment, they were all ‘B’ grades! I was taking Art, Psychology, English Language & Literature and the General Studies.

These results surprised me a lot because I didn’t think that I’d done very well at art. Even though art itself is and has always been a huge part of my life. I didn’t think that it had gone as well as it appeared to have. Psychology and English were slightly disappointing as I’d hoped to get ‘A’s. But I’m extremely happy with the overall outcome of it all!

I can’t wait to actually see these grades on paper, for myself!

Chris Hayes / cbhworld

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LugRadio Live 2007

August 13, 2007 at 10:49 am (lugradio, lugradio live)

This blog entry¬† entry will be updated to include photos as soon as I get around to it… But, for now – enjoy;

Indeed, it was that time of the year again – the greatest event of the entire entirety of the year. LugRadio Live.

Well, the 7th of July started with me running like a maniac across the countryside holding a partially wet oil painting at about half-past 7 in the morning. Thankfully the wet Chinny Raccoon painting made its way – unsmudged – all the way from Nottinghamshire to Wolverhampton, across 3 train routes and one pretty packed train. Annoyingly, after getting to the event it got slightly smudged about 10 minutes after I put it down, so I had to try to smudge it back to normal with my fingers as best I could :p

It was great, meeting people I’d only known on irc or the forums – MrBen, Neuro, Dave2, Xalior, DotWaffle, Tig – as well as meeting cool people I don’t think I’d ever known before anywhere, which is cool. Chating with Teg Hager, that was interesting. Having my oil painting of the Chinny Raccoon admired by the LugRadio team – it was absolutely awesome! And as for the painting – when Jono came up to me at first to comment on it, I said that if he thought it was any good they could give it away as a prize or something. And strangely enough, it was given away as one of 3 prizes to mrben who’d won the community hero award again, I say strangely because me and mrben had been working on the creation of his – I’ve been helping out with the graphics and webdesign stuff, it certainly felt like the painting hadn’t drifted too far away from me and that it was in safe hands.

But back to the original point – it really was great to put faces to these people I’d known for the last year online. That was probably the best thing about this years LRL for me – last year when I was at LRL I didn’t even know what LugRadio was, a friend called me a week before the event and asked if I wanted to go, I said yes and it was pretty cool – even at that point I looked forward to the next one. After that I started listening to LugRadio and became a pretty hardcore fan of their show – and during that time I made to almost complete switch to using Linux. Those are the reasons why I enjoyed it more this year – I didn’t feel like a fish out of water, I felt more like I was part of it.

While at this years LRL, I ensured that I picked up a large amount of free stash, Ubuntu CDs, t-shirts, lanyards, baseball caps, keyrings, badges, stickers, pens, pencils, drinks mats, and other bits and pieces. Anyway, what I meant to say was, I’ve acquired a fairly reasonable amount of Ubuntu and SuSE CDs – these, and a lot of my other stash, I’ll be giving away at Newark LUG events – unfortunately Craig wasn’t able to attend LRL this year, hopefully he’ll be able to make it next year as I’m sure he would have enjoyed it tons.

It was a little disappointing that I wasn’t able to stay for the Sunday night post-event LugRadio Live drinkies and chatter – but I guess that’ll be something to make next years LRL even more worth looking forward to. And talking about hashlugradio (as the Sunday night is the #lugradio meet up) – the hashlugradio BoF was fantastic, I really found that to be one of the most highlit of the highlights. And the gong-a-thong, that was pretty good even without the hilarious Adam Sweet oiled up and on stage in a thong – he just made the difference, turning it into something that I doubt I’ll ever be able to forget.

Gah – I must admit, it doesn’t feel like I’m doing this event justice with what little I can say about it. It was friggin awesome – it is the kind of event where before hand, there are so many cool things going on – you just can’t decide what you want to go and see! Anyone even remotely interested really ought to try and make it to LRL next year, if you can – it really will rock, that I’m sure of.

Finally, I now own a very lovely little GP2X handheld games console – and over the next few months I hope to start developing some simple games for it in SDL during my spare time. But I’ll save this for a new post.Chris Hayes / cbhworld

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