Last minute raccoons…

July 24, 2007 at 7:47 am (lugradio, lugradio live)

As you may know, I intended to create a piece of art that encompassed the ethic and motivations behind the Open Source / Free Software community. This piece of art would both form the final piece of my A2 level art exam – and be a scrumptious exhibit for the Geek Art Exhibition at the recently passed LugRadio Live 2007. Unfortunately the deadline for the A2 exam work was too close, so instead I provided a mediocre picture for that, and decided to still do the fantastic design of symbolism and abstracted concepts for the LugRadio Live event.

Unfortunately there wasn’t really enough time to do this either, as it is such a difficult thing to do I feel – so instead, it was time to go with what you know – so I decided to do a picture of the Chinny Raccoon. However! At the time when I needed to bring the finished background of it back home from school and complete the darn thing – about a week before LugRadio Live, I came down with some horrible infection, two in fact – and was unable to do this. But! Two days before LugRadio Live I was feeling a fair bit better and saw the doctor whom said that is wasn’t contagious and that I’d be fine to go to the event! Straight after this I picked up the oil painting. Unfortunately there was no time to work on it that day – and besides, I had to work out where I was staying for the Saturday night! Now – unfortunately – all the hotels seemed booked, but thankfully my uncle was able to put me up for the night – even on such short notice.

Right, so I’ve now sorted out everything except for… The painting. Right, so then – the following day – I had about 4 hours spare to do the Chinny Raccoon’s stylised head upon the background. Worse than that was that this meant there was no chance of letting the paint dry so that I could build it up and do decent coats of paint – upon dried layers – like the background was created from. Of course – me and my father did attempt to try and dry the paint using a fan and then a strong hot lightbulb – and finally a hairdryer. However all this was in vain.

But thankfully, something half decent was done before LugRadio Live – now the only issue is… how to keep the wet oil painting from getting smudged on the journey from Notttinghamshire to Wolverhampton… Hmm, I’ll cover how well this went in my post about LugRadio live itself.

Chris Hayes / cbhworld


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