A Chinny chinny chinny chinny chinny raccoon…

June 14, 2007 at 3:46 pm (lugradio)

In the young history of my blog, this is quite possibly the first important and serious issue that I’ve ever brought up on it. It concerns the famous cultural icon known as the Chinny Raccoon. Here (on Adam Sweet’s blog) is some background concerning the roots of how the Chinny Raccoon became the personification of the essence of chin, as well as a brief definition as to what the term ‘chin’ means within this context.

The Chinny Raccoon is an illusive and shy creature now, of course – with his launch into fame occurring so fast, it’s quite conceivable why this is the case. Unfortunately the raccoon has gone missing, it is unknown when the raccoon was last sighted at its official place of residence at chin.lugradio.org of Bacon Towers – however he was spotted twice in the UK city of Wolverhampton during LugRadio Live 2006. Some have speculated that he may have found the fans present at the event too much to handle and absconded at some point while everyone in the building was distracted by Bruno’s inspiring talk. Others had suggested that the raccoon’s hasty retreat may have been caused by some conflicts within his family – however these claims appear to be completely unfounded.

In a recent development of the story, Stuart Langridge of LugRadio was able to piece together evidence concerning the whereabouts of the Chinny Raccoon and finally report that he had tracked down the raccoon at its current location, which is here.

So far there has been no official comment as the to the celebrity’s current mental state, some have suggested that the raccoon is in need of some counselling before any attempt at returning him back to his home. Others have suggested that this year’s LugRadio Live could prove problematic if the raccoon is not up for making a live public appearance for the fans.

Right now, it has been suggested that Jono Bacon, also from LugRadio and known as being a lifelong close friend of the raccoon might be in a position to issue some kind of solution. So far Mr Bacon has made no comment in relation to this.

With it only a matter of weeks left before LugRadio Live 2007, it is becoming less clear as to whether the Chinny Raccoon will be making a public appearance now. However fans seem not to be giving up hope that this is still a realistic possibility.

If you know anything that may help, either contact LugRadio directly or leave a message of support on their forums.

Chris Hayes / cbhworld


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